WaterFowl Hunts


About The Hunt

All of our hunts are guided by professional and knowledgeable local guides. We ask for a minimum of 4 hunters per group. We do not mix waterfowl hunting parties. We meet all of our non-lodge groups at the Whataburger in El Campo in the morning before the hunt to meet and greet your guide, breakfast is on us! After the hunt you will follow your guide back to our office where you will settle up and get your birds cleaned, breasted or picked whole!

What To Bring

Because of the nature of goose and duck hunting in SE Texas, it pays to come prepared.  The weather can, and will change; sometimes dramatically! Temperatures can range from the 80's to the 30's, sometimes in the same day!  Field conditions can range from comfortable and dry to soggy and wet. 


  • Waders and rain gear
  • Camouflage clothing - including a face mask
  • Flashlight
  • Shell bag
  • Cameras
  • Insect repellant
  • Comfortable waterproof footwear
  • Shot gun (gun rental is available for $50/day)
  • Plenty of shells (3" or 31/2" non-toxic shot - BB, BBB for goose - 4, 2, or 1's for duck)
  • Valid Texas hunting license with state and federal stamps 
  • Your hunting retriever is welcome, but please let us know in advance

Goose Hunts

Our goose hunts typically take place in rice, wheat and plowed fields. We only hunt geese in the mornings, and let them rest in the afternoons. We hunt out of primarily large windsock spreads, and provide backboards and white parkas. Most goose hunts end around 10am.

Duck Hunts

Most of our duck hunts take place in comfortable blinds over large open water in rice fields. Species of ducks harvested include teal, pintail, gadwall, wigeon, shovlers and the occasional mallard and red head.

Early Teal Hunts

Our Early Teal season in September is 16 days of fast, furious fun! Blue wing teal over flooded rice fields, its a great way to start your waterfowling season! Weekday Discounts!

Sandhill Crane Hunts

We have large number of cranes that winter in our area every year! We hunt cranes in morning or afternoons. Make sure to order a Sandhill Crane permit before the hunt!